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The String dialog.


The String dialog allows the designer to enter a string and edit the String properties. Strings are a standard element of a PCB design, as well as being used to add detail and human-readable information, they are also used to add machine-readable information as a barcode.


This dialog can be accessed during placement by pressing the TAB key.

After placement, the dialog can be accessed in the following ways:

  • Double-click on the placed object.
  • Place the cursor over the object, right-click and choose Properties from the context menu.


  • Width - Specify the width of the String.
  • Height - Specify the height of the String.
  • Rotation - Specify the Rotation of the String. The minimum angular resolution is 0.001 degrees.
  • Location X/Y - Specify the Location of the String.


  • Text - Enter the content of this String. The software also supports a defined set of special strings that act as placeholders for PCB design or system-based information, such as layer names, hole counts, legends and so on, special strings can be selected via the drop-down. To learn more about special strings, read the String Object article.
  • Layer - Specify the Layer the String is located on.
  • Locked - Enable this option to lock the string.
  • Mirror - Enable this option to mirror the string.
  • Font - Select the required font style, the lower section of the dialog will different options for each font style.
    • TrueType - Gives access to all of the Windows TrueType fonts installed on this PC.
    • Stroke - A simple family of 3 font styles that are built in to the software.
    • Barcode - Gives access to 2 types of Barcodes, Type 39 and Code 128.

Select Stroke Font

  • Font Name - Choose the style of Stroke font to use. Stroke fonts are built into the software and cannot be changed. They have the full IBM extended ASCII character set that supports English and other European languages.
    • Default is a simple vector font which supports pen plotting and vector photoplotting.
    • Sans Serif and Serif fonts are more complex and will slow down vector output generation, such as Gerber.

Special Strings

As well as using a string object to place user-defined text on the current PCB layer, the string object can also be used to display design, system or user information on the PCB. This is done by placing what is known as a special string, which is a pre-defined string preceeded by the . (dot) character. Refer to the String object page for more information about special strings.

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