Object Class Name

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The Object Class Name dialog.


This dialog allows the designer to specify a meaningful name when creating a new Net Class from selected component nets in the design workspace.


The dialog is accessed from the PCB Editor, in the following way:

  1. Select one or more components in the workspace, whose nets you wish to group together into a new net class.
  2. Right-click over the component (or one of the components in the selection) and choose the Component Actions » Select Component Nets command from the context menu.
  3. Right-click over an object in the selection and choose the Net Actions » Create NetClass from Selected Nets command from the context menu.


  • Class Name - use this field to give the new net class a meaningful name.
After clicking OK, the new net class will be created, with the selected component nets added as its members. Browse the class in the Object Class Explorer dialog, or from the PCB panel, configured in Nets mode.


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