Deleting Objects

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The PCB and PCB Library Editors make it easy to remove any objects that have been placed in the workspace, but which are no longer required – and a couple of methods by which to do so.

Selective Deletion

Standard Windows editing techniques are used to delete objects from the workspace - this requires you to Left Click to select the object to be deleted, and then to either press the Delete key on the keyboard, or press the Ctrl+X shortcuts to Cut the object to the clipboard.

Note that:

  • All deletions can be restored by using the Undo command (Ctrl+Z shortcut). If you have performed multiple delete actions on a series of objects they will be restored individually, starting with the last object deleted.
  • If an object is locked, you will be prompted to confirm its deletion.

Deleting Multiple Objects

To delete more than one object, select those objects in the workspace first, then press Delete. By using appropriate filtering, the required objects can be quickly selected beforehand.

Refer to the Selection Tools page to learn more about selection.


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