Parameter Properties

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The Parameter Properties dialog


This dialog allows the designer to specify the properties of a parameter, when attached at the project or variant level. Parameters can be used to provide additional design information. Project-level parameters, for example, can be used in global fashion, as the source for special string parametric data to be added to schematic sheets and/or the PCB document, the latter of which does not support localized parameters.


The Parameter Properties dialog can be accessed in the following ways:

  • For a PCB project (*.PrjPcb), click the Add or Edit button on the Parameters tab of the Options for PCB Project dialog (Project | Content |  from the Schematic or PCB editor main menu).
  • For a PCB project (*.PrjPcb), click the Add or Edit button in the Edit Project Variant dialog (accessed from the Variant Management dialog (Project | Project Actions| , from the Schematic or PCB editor's main menu), when adding a new variant or editing an existing one.


  • Name - use this field to give the parameter a purposeful name, perhaps reflective of its purpose.
  • Value - use this field to give the parameter its value.
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