PCB Print Preferences

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The PCB Print Preferences dialog.


This dialog allows the designer to define global print preferences that are applied to all PCB-related print output.


The dialog is accessed by clicking the Preferences button, at the bottom-left of the PCB Printout Properties dialog.


Colors & Gray Scales

  • Main Grid - this area allows you to control the coloring that is used for each possible layer than can be printed. For each layer, you can define the color used when printing in grayscale or color. Click on the left-hand color swatch to access the range of grayscale shades. Click on the right-hand color swatch to access the Choose Color dialog, from where you can choose from a range of predefined colors or create your own, custom color.
  • Retrieve Layer Colors From PCB - click this button if you wish to print using the same colors configured for the PCB design in the PCB Editor.
Using this feature will overwrite the right-hand color swatch for each layer. The grayscale color definitions will remain unchanged unless you manually change them.
To print in color or gray scale, the corresponding option - Color or Gray - must be enabled in the associated page setup dialog for the print output. The color printing mode for the nominated printing device must also be set accordingly in its associated properties dialog.

Include on New Printouts

As well as adding mechanical layers individually to a printout, you can also automatically include them in all printouts - when the print job(s) for the parent document type is sent to the nominated printing device. Use this region of the dialog to enable/disable each of the 16 possible mechanical layers for printing, as required.

Font Substitutions

Each of the three standard fonts used in the PCB Editor (Default, Serif and Sans Serif) can be substituted for a different Windows font when the printout is generated. Use the options in this region of the dialog to enable and specify substitution fonts. Click on the ... button next to the required font field, to access the standard Windows Font dialog, from where you can choose the substitution font required.

Font substitution, although enabled/disabled in this dialog on a global scale, can be controlled at the individual printout level for each print-based output type, using the Enable Font Substitution option in the associated Printout Properties dialog.


  • Print Keepout Objects - enable this option to have keepout-designated design objects included on the printed document.
  • Use Net override color - enable this option to have the net color used in prints, rather than the layer color.


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