Enter File Name

Parent page: WorkspaceManager Dialogs

The Enter File Name dialog.


This dialog allows the designer to give a meaningful name when adding a new design document to a project.


The dialog is accessed whenever a command is used to add a new Schematic, PCB, or Text document to the active design project:

  • By clicking the respective button in the Project | Design Documents area of the main menus.
  • By right-clicking on a project's name in the Projects panel, and using the respective command on the Add New to Project sub-menu.


  • File name - use this field to enter the required name for the document. The file will be created, with this name, after clicking OK.
Default names are presented, in the formats Sheetn.SchDoc (for a new schematic), PCBn.PcbDoc (for a new PCB), and Docn.Txt (for a new text file) - where n is the next available unique integer.
When entering the name, you do not need to include the extension.


You are reporting an issue with the following selected text and/or image within the active document: